Somos una organización sin ánimo de lucro, con la cerámica como eje central, cuyos fines son la investigación científica en este ámbito, el diseño de soluciones basadas en materiales cerámicos, la divulgación del conocimiento atesorado y favorecer el desarrollo moral, intelectual y económico de las personas con el barro como lenguaje.

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student testimonials

«Thanks to the small group classes, almost private, I have acquired knowledge and skills in a short time. In a very pleasant and relaxed atmosphere that invites you to create, learn and have fun”.

Pilar Herrera Camacho

«Very complete ceramic course, where we have not only tested all the techniques to make ceramic pieces, but also with glazes, slips and our own Terra Sigillata. Julián Ortega has been a wonderful teacher, endowed with a lot of knowledge and more patience, always adapting to our preferences, tastes and rhythms. Answering all the questions and letting us try and err, my grade is Outstanding."

Andrea Murillo Helmets

«Enriching experience for those outside the world, we have touched various techniques and types of clay. It can be a relaxing activity or a method to capture a creative result.

Antonio Mora Díaz