Our focus

At Terralfar we are passionate about sustainability because wherever we look, we see that improvements can be implemented.

However, being able to back up that word is critical, and the best way we know of to do that is through transparency . If a product is local, let's prove it. If it is created with materials that do not generate a great impact on the environment, let's try it. If the workers are happy with their tasks and are satisfied with their salary, let us know. And so with everything. Because we are convinced that responsible buyers want to know these things and be able to make sure that the word "sustainability" is used correctly.

And transparency must be accompanied by sincerity . Because in the real world there is no such thing as perfection and it is convenient to recognize that things can be improved up to a certain point. No action is neutral. But we can greatly improve current conditions with gestures that are in our hands. At the rate that each one can afford, being realistic, understanding that there is no environmental sustainability without prior economic viability.

What do we do?

Our passion for sustainability is manifested in the three aspects of Terralfar: craftsmanship, design and dissemination. We select raw materials based on criteria of proximity and environmental impact, as well as processes, avoiding those that waste material, we reuse everything that goes through the workshop and does not end up being a final piece, etc. When we give a class we emphasize ways of working that are more respectful with the environment and we take advantage of reused, homemade and long-lived tools. And when we design, we do so by maximizing sustainability as a design requirement, at the level of functionality.

In each creation, each project and each class this spirit is present, directly or indirectly. Because we are not here to get rich, but to make this a more pleasant life and place. Or, at least, not spoil what we have received.