Terralfar Changes

Since June 2023 Terralfar is changing its work model. When it began in November 2018 and until this past June, it was managed through the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers by Julián Ortega Durán. Immediately after the summer it will become an association.

The main reason has been the economic results, which to a large extent were due to the time that Julián could dedicate to the business, since at the same time that he worked, he studied Engineering in Industrial Design and Product Development, consuming a large part of the time on it. . At the same time, the fees to exercise the right to self-employment plus indirect taxes and the bureaucratic management of these matters were excessively burdensome. This, added to the monthly costs of maintaining the activity, plus the cost of raw materials and fuels due to inflation, have ended up deciding the changes that are going to be implemented.

The potter Julián is more interested in research and dissemination, so Terralfar will stop being a business to become an association that serves for research on the history of ceramics, on ceramic materials, focusing on their sustainability and on the dissemination of everything related to ceramics among all audiences. Therefore, Terralfar will abandon the profit motive. This will imply participation in fewer projects and as long as they coincide with the aims of the association and there is availability of time.

At Terralfar we feel very comfortable with this change because in reality we always had these purposes, as can be seen in the type of publications we shared and in the projects that we were most excited about: recreation, research with experimentation, and dissemination. And, in all honesty: being able to continue doing it without the burden of having to pay fees and taxes, we think makes it viable and much more enjoyable. Working just to pay taxes without leaving a euro in your pocket when you don't invoice more than a certain amount is not the best motivation for these small businesses, making them unviable.

Soon we will share more information so that all people and institutions interested in participating or contributing can contact us.