About Terralfar

What is Terralfar?

Terralfar was born in 2018 as a business in Mérida, Spain, dedicated to ceramics, with design and knowledge dissemination as central axes, inheriting feelings and wisdom from the family tradition. In 2023 it became an association based in Solana de Cabañas to adapt to its environment and meet its objectives.


Our vision

Terralfar demands responsibility with its environment and its ecosystem: socially and environmentally sustainable, providing cultural wealth and knowledge. It wants to be a reference for its quality and warmth in the ceramics sector.


Our mission

Terralfar was born from tradition, conserving the knowledge of generations, drawing on universal culture and investing in research and design. Likewise, it is open to all audiences, to transmit values ​​and knowledge with clay as a language.


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Terralfar 2023, Solana de Cabañas (Spain)