Products EMERITA LVDICA 2021


All our creations have been made by hand on a pottery wheel by the hands of Julián Ortega Durán. In addition, inspiration has been sought in products from the Roman period in accordance with the festival.

In addition to the geometries, the finishes are faithful to those of the classical period, achieving very similar colors due to the fact that techniques typical of those times have been applied.


All of the works created for Emerita Lvdica XI have been produced using the modern version of the ancient technique known as “terra sigillata”. It consists of decanting land with deflocculants to obtain a very fine particle size, which once applied and burnished reduces porosity to reach Roman domestic standards.

Therefore, tableware must be cleaned quickly and without instruments such as the dishwasher that did not exist at that time. And, just like traditional jugs, due to their porosity they should not be used indefinitely, but rather during a recommended period of one year of intense use. However, later, they are exceptional pieces of decoration.

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