Promotion offer summer 2022

lathe classes
Class 1 participant:
1.5h session: €27/pers.

Class 2 participants:
1.5h session: €33/group

creative workshop
Course 4-6 participants:
10h/month: €90/pers.
20h/month: €150/pers.

recreation pottery
1-2 participants:
5h workshop: €180/group

3-6 participants:
5h workshop: €60/pers.

*If you are interested, you can contact us at info@terralfar.es so that we can prepare dates and group. In addition to these generic proposals, we adapt to what you are looking for. Tell us your concerns or suggestions and we will shape it. Prices for summer 2022 in Mérida. Starting in September we moved.

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