Light as fire, this is a home, because it is there where its components are and the flame of their feelings burns, the location being irrelevant. You can travel as far as you and your loved ones are able to go and even turn up in unknown and unexpected places along the way. While the sedentary houses do not move from one place to another and only in their highest form do they come to host families ephemerally.

This slight quality is shared by the workshop, which is not physical, but temporarily materializes wherever the craftsman is. If it was definitively located somewhere, it would have to be found somewhere between the imagination and the hands, projecting itself fleetingly and elusively over an imperfect reality in order to heal it. It is like this: as nomadic as everything we truly love. This wandering property raises the capacities of the being that carries them with them over any material border, being able to migrate and do without as many material things as they oppose or weigh them down because they will sow their crafts wherever the sun rises. And what better location to do it than in the warmth of those you love so much. I mean, your home.

Top image: Begijn, CP , circa 1650. Weversfamilie . Oil on canvas, Hermitage Museum.