Beginning and end

At first, one thinks that he is going to make a bowl. And it does. Then another. Day after day. Suddenly, there comes a time when you wonder when you really start doing each one and when you finish it. Because these containers, although we can consider them individually, are a continuum that is braided daily. The day you knead the clay, the day you turn it —which gives it a number—, the day you return it and sign it, another the biscuits in company, then you glaze it and return it to the oven. In this process, they bond with each other. One is the predecessor of another, because in that one an idea arose that is developed and potentiated in the following ones. Sometimes they share a foot, other times a mouth, body, textures... And you can clearly see that they are a family, regardless of their color.

So when does a bowl start and when does it end? If we consider the intention, beyond the material fact, we run the risk that the answer is infinite. But even the most materialistic answer will be, since the path of that material until it becomes a bowl, passing through the workshop, can be traced endlessly into the past. Just share some time with me and I take the opportunity to give you one of the most beautiful ways I know and am capable of giving. Let's say that I don't create objects, I accompany the clay in its evolution and temporarily unite it to our species in the shape of a bowl.

Cover image: Plasencia y Maestro, C., circa . The milkmaid . Oil on canvas, National Museum of Fine Arts .