The birth of the bowl

The privilege of creating, of bringing into existence something new by oneself, is within everyone's reach. If, in addition, that creature turns out to be beautiful in our eyes, the satisfaction is multiplied. And when that effect occurs every day, it manages to fill our days with joy. This is what happens when we shape the bowls in this journal. It is a simple act, for which we only need a piece of clay, our hands and some very elementary techniques that our ancestors have been transmitting to us for millennia.

A shaped bowl with no other tool than our body was to be the initial one. Only the fingers and palms welcome it in its birth, applying the appropriate force in the right direction, in such a way that the container appears as if it were a birth. We shape him and he gives us so much… With his birth we are pleased and he brings hope. When consolidated it brings us peace and serenity. Every time he fulfills his destiny as a recipient, he makes us feel special because of that intimate relationship we have with him, saving us from insignificance. And the day it says goodbye, either because other hands support it, or because the infinite power of time undoes its structure, it shows us humility, because even though it may be eternal, it accompanies us in our inexorable life cycle.

Cover image: Carreño de Miranda, J., circa 1670. Adoration of the Kings . Oil on canvas, Basilica of Santa María del Pi .