To achieve any objective, an initial question is needed: ask yourself what you want to achieve. Later, if anything, the choice of the method to try to achieve it will come, but that first self-interrogation about what is desired is essential. Thus, without introspection, a directed and conscious impact on our environment does not seem viable. Let us say, therefore, that the government over our jurisdiction relies heavily on personal self-knowledge.

What then are these domains subject to our control? Each one could do their own reflection exercise, but in my case I will say that it is very specifically the bowls. And as an area under my administration and guardianship, they follow a series of rules that I set, sometimes despotically and freely, while others I intend to follow a series of universal principles on cuenquitud, conceived with the illusory claim of being perfect under some canon so divine as human. All of them share a sovereign and perhaps together they are also united by a purpose or destiny. They are a nation, where several generations live, who were born in different times of my mind and my heart. A society of bowls, whose sole political representative makes the decisions that condition them, who writes their story regardless of what they say, unless someone wants to listen directly and knows how to interpret their expressions. At the moment they are under my control, but the day I show them they can rebel and reveal themselves to me.

Top Image: Blackburn, J., circa 1762. Portrair of a Woman . Oil on canvas , Brooklyn Museum .