Around the turns

The potter steps on the wheel and works to shape a pot with his hands. Perhaps this is the most iconic image of all those that revolve around clay creation. And that flipping of the piece between his fingers maintains a poetic scale relationship between both of them and the universe, since whoever claims to be the maker on the Earth's surface also revolves around its axis. In the same way the planet does it in turn with the Sun, the star that illuminates us. And this with other higher instances. Thus, as a result of this dance of revolutions, we have the days with which we count time, dividing and multiplying them. Days that build the craftsman and that also shape us. So it could be said that form and time come together lyrically in the turns.

Rotation after rotation, therefore, a bowl of earth can emerge from between hands that, in turn, each day complete a revolution around the axis of the Earth. And in this almost mystical way, one begins to glimpse the level of gratification that can be experienced daily with the purpose that inspires these weekly lines.

Dosing that act daily is finding a moment of plenitude and a sense of transcendence. This week will be the first turn of the moon dancing with the Earth watching how I also dance with a piece of its partner in my hands to create bowls with the figure of both.

Top Image: Discart, J., Circa 1920. L'Atelier de Poterie, Tanger . Oil on panel, (sold by Sotheby's) .