Your support, what gives you strength, you can find it in the most surprising places because its ways of presenting itself are and will always be infinite. Food is sometimes the water that quenches your thirst and helps you continue on your way, but it is also the encouragement that other beings that physically or ethereally accompany you transmit to you, or the vitality that objects that stimulate your memory infuse you with, pushing you forward, or also —why not— a captivating look that contains all that energy that feeds and stimulates your initiative, as well as the vibration of some musical notes that revitalize you. Even what is nothing, because it does not exist yet, like a dream, inhabitant of an uncertain future, can be that support that encourages your courage and makes you resist when nothing remains, except that last and delicate illusion. And beyond, even the forces against, opposing your progress, have the power to nurture feelings of forward momentum, of personal improvement.

Faced with such an incalculable eternal deployment of motor causes, we would be wrong if we considered it easy to find the motivation that drives one. It's not always; discovering it is a constant, daily search exercise consisting of paying attention and taking advantage of any wisp of passion for life that a glance gives us.

Top image: Bouguereau, W. , 1886. La soif . Oil on canvas, unknown collection .