CUM Cultural Week 2022

Last week (from April 25 to 28) the Cultural Week 2022 of the Mérida University Center (CUM) was celebrated. As usual, the organization of the events is managed mainly by the students who are part of the Student Council of the center. Among other activities, there were different sports and game tournaments, among very interesting talks and workshops for the students. And among the other proposals was that of an open wheel workshop given by the potter and colleague, Julián Ortega Durán.

Fig. 1. Poster of the activity

The activity was very pleasant and fluid, giving the opportunity to those who dared to get their hands dirty making their own piece of pottery with the help of the potter from Emeritus. Among the creations were bowls, flower pots, an ashtray, a shot glass, and even a hookah bowl. Conveying the versatility of the parts that can be built on the lathe was one of the objectives of this practical form of dissemination.

Fig. 2. The potter with a fellow Computer Engineer

Among the participants in the lathe workshop there were colleagues from various degrees that are taught at the CUM and also a professor. In addition to the open workshop, there was also an exhibition area for works and publicity for Terralfar offers. The last coffee cups that Julián is developing could be seen, as well as his classic bowls, juicers, flutes in the experimental phase, pots and some luminaries.

Fig. 3. 3D printing in clay during the VEXTRE workshop

Another very interesting workshop for the Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering students, as well as for those interested in ceramics and neo-crafts, was the one given by the artist Maite Cajaraville Bonilla and the architect Javier Pérez Contonente on data visualization. complexes in 3D and augmented reality. Particularly it was very attractive to approach 3D printing in mud. Happily, many synergies arose between the leaders of the activity and the attendees, who were able to learn a lot from this activity.

Fig. 4. 2022 Cultural Week awards ceremony

On Thursday afternoon the closing ceremony of the Cultural Week was held with mentions and thanks to the different organizers, as well as awarding prizes to the winners of the different contests. Several students collaborated in the preparation of these prizes, among them Julián with the creation of the matrix of the split column and the reproduction in plaster with fresh clay molds. Thus concluded a very enriching and educational week that, with its pluses and minuses, is the result of several weeks of work by its organizers, led by the CUM student delegate, Antonio Mora Díaz.


Figure 1. Poster made by Julián Ortega Durán for the CUM Student Council.

Figures 2-4. Self-made photographs.