Electronic planters with FabLab Mérida

During this year 2022 we have made use of the spaces of the FabLab Mérida , located in the Mérida University Center for product development. But we have also actively participated in the workshop that was held on November 11 on electronic planters.

Fig. 1. During the electronic flowerpot workshop.

The FabLab management commissioned eight flower pots with particular measurements and shapes. Actually, they were going to be the deposits of electronic self-watering devices with which to bring this technology closer to future participants in their workshops. The idea of ​​integrating crafts with electronics, prehistoric materials with modern polymers, nature and technology, has been very satisfying and inspiring. In addition, emphasis was very kindly placed on the stamping of the seal of our brand, Terralfar, being very visible on the ceramic piece to make itself known among the participants in the workshops.

Fig. 2. Electronic planters.

The workshop consisted of assembling and programming the electronic components so that a plant could be watered autonomously and automatically. With little more than a humidity sensor, a relay, a pump, a microprocessor and a few cables, this instructive project could be carried out, with very simple programming. Also, while you do it with good teachers, your imagination flies when you realize the number of things that could be done, once you are trained. In addition, and despite the technological nature of this workshop, as crafts are also integrated, it is shown that both fields can enhance each other, without one necessarily posing a risk to the other.

In short, a beautiful project that will foreseeably be repeated and which we recommend for all audiences. Just as we strongly encourage anyone interested in technology related to Mérida to join the Mérida FabLab, where very interesting projects are taking place and where the collaborative environment is great.


Figures 1-2 and cover. Photographs provided by FabLab Mérida.