The trade of restoring: artisan trades in the catering sector

During this last quarter of the year 2022 we have attended the second technical conference, held at theMinistry of Culture and Sports in Madrid, on "the trade of restoring: artisan trades in the catering sector". In this event we have had the wonderful opportunity to learn about the reality of artisans who dedicate part of their work to restoration. It seems that things are not very good. As time goes by, the trades become extinct, or the number of artisans is reduced so much that there are not enough to restore all the architectural heritage, in addition to losing irretrievable practical knowledge.

From the Ministry of Culture and Sports and other public institutions, together with industry associations such as the Spanish Association of Historical Heritage Restoration Companies ( ARESPA ) and several other participants, the focus has been placed on the work of artisans and the necessary They are to take care of our culture and heritage. And this second day has been organized to make the research work they are carrying out known to a broader public.

During the event, it was possible to hear that probably a significant percentage of the Spanish economy is based on the care of the architectural heritage, of artisan invoice, which attracts so much tourism year after year to our borders and how vital it is for our accounts. In addition, beyond the economic calculations and the impact it may have on sectors such as the hotel industry or the consumption that they favor, it is about Culture with a capital letter, the basis of our identities, a heritage on which the moral duty to protect it weighs.

This work that they carry out in coordination with the Ministry is trying to be a first step to resolve the danger that hangs over the conservation of this heritage due to the frightening near disappearance of traditional trades, a large number of them without generational relief.

We hope that the situation improves in the coming years with the contribution and good work of all the parties involved.