Design and Crafts: the future

Yesterday, February 15, 2023, the person behind Terralfar presented the final work with which he concluded his studies at the University Center of Mérida of the University of Extremadura . It is included within the studies in Engineering in Industrial Design and Product Development and had the title Ecodesign of a Terralfar ceramic tableware. This is the reason for sharing it in this space.

With this work, tableware has been designed where the criteria of environmental sustainability and economic viability have been the key. And all this, as an evolution of the experience in crafts, with a life behind it with the family and as an employee, but especially after the last four years of activity as a freelancer.

The fruits of this work, beyond the academic, will see the light because, as the president of the court that evaluated it said: it provides original solutions. The work was qualified with 9.5 and the honors degree was awarded, with the pleasure that it is as recognition and with the encouragement that this gives to continue with said project. More information about this design will be posted in the coming days.